Services We carry the best resources that enable us to work in wide range of networking sectors. We believe in being advanced and thus work to make our customers dwell in the same advanced zone.

Internet Services

We are on top to provider Internet Services like leased line connectivity, MPLS & VPN, broadband, bandwidth on demand, VOIP etc.

Cloud Based Data Centers

Under Cloud Based Data Centers you will get dedicated server, virtual private server, rack space, floor space(in data centers), cloud base IP CCTV surveillance etc.

Network solutions

We provide wired as well as wireless Network Solutions.

Commercial Lease Lines

We provide Lease Lines for commercial Offices and Industrial areas.

P2P Services

We Provide Point To Point services to use internet service more efficiently and reliably.

Dial-Up Internet Access

Standard Dial-up gives you unlimited dial-up access on our all-digital network all over.